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GEDI Women’s Entrepreneurship Index

The Gender GEDI – measures the development of high potential female entrepreneurship worldwide. Defined as “innovative, market expanding, and export oriented,” this gender specific Index utilizes GEDI’s unique framework, methodology, and global approach in order to capture the multi-dimensional aspects of entrepreneurial development.


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Graduates drawn to start-ups – The Boston Globe

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New grads Emily Breslow and Alana Pradhan chose a start-up rather than corporate route.

Trish Costello‘s insight:

Trish Costello’s insight:

Gen Y continues to jump into the start-up world, by both design and necessity.  The results may pay dividends for generations.  Research shows that the younger a person gets into entrepreneurship the more likely is their success over time.  Makes sense from Gladwell’s 10,000 hours needed for mastery.  And young people have little too lose without many of the responsibilities that come as life goes on

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Give entrepreneurs room and they will grow the economy – The Washington Post

The two most important facts for the future of our economy:

40 Million jobs were created over the past three decades by companies in business for five years or less–the equivalent of all net new job creation

40% of Fortune 500 companies started by immigrants or their children.

I’ve brainstormed 100 ways to encourage both–every step we take for the economy should be evaluated based on its ability to generate new enterprises, open systems up to innovation and change, and to encourage new blood (figuratively and actually) into the system.

Give entrepreneurs room and they will grow the economy – The Washington Post.

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Springboard @ $5B and still counting

I’m on my way to the Springboard interview panels in San Francisco. Springboard was created 10 years ago by a group of women seeking solutions to the issue that women, with significant emerging start-ups, weren’t getting in front of venture capitalists. I’m proud to say I was one of those Springboard founders seeking a solution. Over the years, Springboard has networked emerging women entrepreneurs and created investment forums to pitch to top VCs. It is arguably the most successful of the venture forums worldwide. And over $5billion have been invested in women led companies with top returns to investors. I’ll add more on the outcomes on my next break–Money in is important, but the stunning returns is what keeps angels and VC’s coming back.