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ff Venture Capital Is First VC Fund To Raise Capital Under The JOBS Act

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ff Venture Capital is the first VC to Raise a fund under The JOBS Act:  “The ban on general solicitation…This hinders VCs from letting anyone know they are raising capital, and sharing their historical performance, infrastructure, and capabilities.  Thus, capital has flowed to players with brand, history, and lots of well-known companies on their website, not based on their actual returns. ” 

Trish Costello‘s insight:

The Venture Capital industry, as we have known it for the last 50+ years,  is forever changed by all aspects of crowdfunding, or as we see it, collaborative investing.    Look to the media industry to see an analog of the future.  The ‘best of the best’ will always be successful, but the traditional Venture capital firm will be but one option to finance entrepreneurs.  

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