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Women 2.0 » The Dark Side of Girls’ Success In School

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News and Research on Women this Week!  Good Girls Finish Last …. but people don’t want to work with women who talk to much or are too ‘intense.’   Women aren’t aggressive enough, or if they assert themselves, they’re too aggressive.  The rules are still written for women in a way where you can’t really win either way you go!  The only answer is to step out to build your own environment with your own rules….but the challenges for you to do this as a woman is harder than for men as well.   Stick in there!


One reason girls are performing so much better than boys in school — at every level from kindergraten through grad & professional school–is that we’ve been taught to follow the rules to succeed in these cerebral and sometime static environments.  Good girls…. taught to smile and push your way through with focus and determination, but not to ‘color out of the lines,’ push authority or disrupt the status quo.


Over the years I’ve pushed myself to create and enjoy physical adventure that enables me to evaluate true risk in a more effective way:   skydiving, rapelling, walking on hot coals.  It’s become a touch-stone experience that reminds how easily it is to move beyond one’s boundaries, once to take that first big step.  

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