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Cloud Will Generate 14 Million Jobs By 2015: Thats A Good Start – Forbes

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Cloud Will Generate 14 Million Jobs By 2015: Thats A Good Start – Forbes.

One thing we know about the current environment is that today’s trending high value jobs often didn’t even exist just 3-4 short years ago.   That’s a challenge for all of us, especially those working outside the leading tech hubs or coming out of college where curriculum often severely lag new market trends and practice.  Over the next three years, Cloud with create over $1 trillion in revenue and 14 million jobs, many in tech but in all areas of enterprise as well.  The tech world that drives high value jobs in all fields shifts so rapidly that we need an intelligence and preparation unit to keep ourselves ready for the next high value opportunities.  How do we predict and prepare for new opportunities, especially if we’re not in one of the companies on bleeding edge of technology?  Three steps will move you forward:

  • Budget time and dollars for at least 2 events monthly that inform you of new tech break throughs or innovations.  If you live in a thriving tech hub, there will be unlimited meet-ups ( and events available to you to keep your finger on the pulse of change.  Outside the innovation hubs, events are available through webinars, TedTalks and other venues.  You simply can’t afford not to stay on the information edge.
  • Maintain a ‘hot list’ of those in your network who are constantly pushing the technology bounds.  Each week, ping at least one people about something happening in your respective fields, an event, view or thought for the future.  Repurpose it and add it to your blob/tweet.  If you don’t have people ‘in the know’ in your network now, make it your business to add at least one a week — ideally, someone who you met in the meet-up’s above.
  • Investigate the plethora of new high level, self-paced on-line courses.  Udemy is one of my favorites as their instructors are often world-class and practice-focused, and many class units can be experienced for a small amount of cash or free.  Maintain at least one on-going class at all times.

Spending just an hour or two a week can make a huge difference in keeping current on new business methods or technologies.  Today we have to be able to ride the tech wave to ensure professional success.


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