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Hot Tips For Landing Jobs at Google, Apple and Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Hot Tips For Landing Jobs at Google, Apple and Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC].

So I might as well admit it–I’m a Mashable groupie and particularly like the incredible infographics highlighted on the site. I’m a visual thinker so I first capture my own ideas, concepts, data, platforms and processes in drawings, pictures and graphs before it moves to a word platform.  Quite often, the art is off my walls and stacked in the corner while my office or living room is ringed by sticky flip pages capturing the story arc of a new opportunity.

The skill required of these infographers (who are these people?) to sift and sort data, create the important narrative from the data and capture it in a short graphical canvas requires a cross-functional, creative talent with a heavy dose of business savvy.

Beyond and deeper though is what it tells us about today’s world of ideas, information and knowledge. We have all become visual, bite-size gatherers of sophisticated data and knowledge.  We are Chrome Books, with a need for constant access but no need to store.  The business plan has given way to the Business Model Canvas.  Our eyes take in the whole picture of the sieved, sorted and iterated data to determine and set our course–better to prepare for pivot and propel around.  We now live in the ultimate entrepreneurial world, the half-life of data is months not years,  the life-time of a business on the Fortune 500 is 15 years today vs the 75 years in the 1960’s.

Make no mistake though, this is not dumbing down; it is the ultimate in seeking curation and simplicity in the face of immeasurable complexity, even chaos.  We take a deep gulp of data, like an Olympic swimmer doing the breast stroke, believing that it will take us a long stride forward, until we come up for the next breathe of oxygen.

ummh, and all roads lead back to one’s own company during the all-encompassing build phase–creating a new model of ‘booster education’ that cuts through the boundaries of higher ed, training, career, to provide in a deep burst, full immersion platform, the knowledge, experience and networks one needs to succeed professionally for the next short horizon.


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